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Pre-Order Iron Studios DC Comics Green Lantern Unleashed Art Scale Statue


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Iron Studios DC Comics Green Lantern Unleashed Art Scale Statue

The most “flexible” superhero from DC gets a new exclusive statue by Iron Studios!

With an emerald smokescreen in the background, formed by a group of fighter jets, the protector of Sector 2814 maintains all his concentration, recreating his beloved metropolis Coast City, and all are constructs created by his unwavering willpower through his power ring. Accompanied by his friend and brother in arms named Ch’p, an alien from the planet H’Iven, resembling an anthropomorphic squirrel, he stands on a technological base, with the symbol of the space force he serves on the front at his feet. He also carries his Power Battery in his left hand and raises his right fist with his Power Ring.

Iron Studios presents the statue Green Lantern Unleashed statue, featuring the Emerald Gladiator in his Unleashed Deluxe Art Scale version, a line from Iron Studios created with extreme attention and care. Rigorous and precise down to the tiniest details, to achieve the utmost prominence in your collection, this high-quality line sets the 1/10 scale to a new standard of excellence, never seen in a statue of these proportions.

This highly detailed statue stands just over 9 inches tall and features hand painted details that DC fans will appreciate!

Limited Edition

This Statue is Due Out in the 1st Quarter of 2025.

Statue Measures: 9.3” in (H) x 13.9” in (W) x 12.5” in (D)

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