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Pre-Order Iron Studios Jurassic Park T-Rex Attack Icons Statue


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Iron Studios Jurassic Park T-Rex Attack Icons Statue

Iron Studios reveal a new version of the T-Rex in their popular Icons line!

Recreated by genetic engineering to become an attraction in a zoo-themed amusement park, the T-Rex manages to break free from its captivity and, amidst the torrential waters of a storm on the wild Isla Nublar, while trying to get the kids Tim Murphy and his sister Lex, grandchildren of the park’s creator, advances against a Ford Explorer SUV. To save them, the mathematician Ian Malcolm tries to lure and distract the animal with a flare.

A major success in its first release in the Icons statue line, Iron Studios present a new opportunity for fans and collectors who missed out on the first one, bringing the second version of the prehistoric super-predator with the T-Rex Attack statue, this time with the animal stepping on and crushing the overturned vehicle, just as in its first appearance on the big screen over 30 years ago.

Limited Edition

This Statue is Due Out in the 4th Quarter of 2024.

Statue Measures: 5.7” in (H) x 8.5” in (W) x 7.6” in (D)

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