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Pre-Order Iron Studios Star Wars Ahsoka Grand Admiral Thrawn Art Scale Statue


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Iron Studios Star Wars Ahsoka Grand Admiral Thrawn Art Scale Statue

The Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy from Star Wars: Ahsoka is presented a new 1/10 art scale statue by Iron Studios!

Recognized in his early military career as Mitth'raw'nuru, a high rank within the army, the alien from the blue-skinned Chiss species native to the planet Rentor wears a cold look as his red eyes bear a sinister glimmer, much like a predators'. Known as a brilliant and relentless strategist, Thrawn is posed in a resting military position with his hands behind his back while donning his white uniform as the commanding officer of the Chimaera. Around his waist sits a black belt with a holstered Chiss weapon similar to a blaster. 

Over a lifted base with rocky aspects reminiscent to that of the fortress kept by the three witches that call themselves the Great Mothers, Iron Studios presents from the original series Star Wars: Ahsoka, a hand-painted statue of Grand Admiral Thrawn!

Other statues shown not included (sold separately)

This Statue is Limited to (To Be Determined) Pieces Worldwide.

Statue Measures: Height: 9.6" (24 cm), Width: 5.7" (14 cm), Depth: 3.3" (8 cm) 

This Statue is Due Out in the 1st Quarter of 2025. 

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