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Iron Kite Studios Age of Apocalypse Wolverine 1/4 Scale Statue


Iron Kite Studios Age of Apocalypse Wolverine 1/4 (Quarter) Scale Statue

Where the Wolverine of the prime Marvel universe has, over the years, found ways to temper the beast within, Age of Apocalypse shows us a Wolverine in a world without Xavier, and without his influence.

That Logan inevitably made his way to the X-Men regardless of circumstance is noteworthy, but so too are his reasons for leaving. The connection between Jean Grey and Logan fostered by Magneto to keep the animalistic killer in check would backfire on the leader of these very different X-Men. When Jean is captured by Apocalypse’s acolyte Mister Sinister, Magneto refuses to move to rescue her. This is something Logan cannot abide, and he abandons both leader and X-Men to fight for the woman he loves.

During his rescue mission, he would come into conflict with an alternate version of Cyclops, a footsoldier of Apocalypse’s empire. In their fight, Cyclops lost an eye, and Weapon X lost a hand. Logan was able to help Jean escape, and his metallic stump hand became one of Age Of Apocalypse’s most lasting images.

Product Size: Height: 58cm, Width: 37cm,  Depth: 34cm

Materials: Polystone

This Statue is a Limited Edition Size of 388 Pieces Produced Worldwide.

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