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Pre-Order Dam Toys Resident Evil Leon S. Kennedy Sixth Scale Figure


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Dam Toys Resident Evil 2 Leon S. Kennedy Classic Version Sixth Scale Figure

The Leon S. Kennedy Sixth Scale Figure features: 

  • Faithful and detailed LEON S.KENNEDY head sculpt
  • DAM 3.5 poseable body with over 30 points of articulations
  • Tactical gloved hands including:
  •      One right hand for holding weapons
  •      One left hand for holding handgun
  •      One left hand for holding shotgun/SMG
  •      One left hand for holding flash light
  •      One right hand for holding ATM-4
  •      One left hand for holding ATM-4
  • RPD uniform shirt (Classic police ver.)
  • RPD uniform pants (Classic police ver.)
  • Uniform belt
  • One (1) pair of elbow pads
  • One (1) pair of knee pads
  • One (1) pair of Boots
  • Radio pouch
  • Drop leg holster
  • Matilda handgun
  • Detachable custom parts including:
  •      Gun stock
  •      Muzzle brake
  •      High-capacity mag
  • M19 handgun
  • W-870 shotgun (with shotgun stock)
  • W-870 shotgun with custom parts (long barrel)
  • LE 5 sub machine gun
  • ATM-4
  • Flash grenade
  • Hand grenade
  • Combat knife (i)
  • Combat knife (ii)
  • Key x4
  • First aid spray
  • Radio set with hand mic
  • Flash light
  • Handgun ammo
  • Large-caliber handgun ammo
  • Figure stand

This Figure is Due Out in 1st Qtr 2023.

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