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WizKids Dungeons & Dragons Vecna Premium Statue


WizKids Dungeons & Dragons Vecna Premium Statue

The all-new Vecna resin statue by WizKids stands at 12" tall and includes intricate details, including the Book of Vile Darkness perched within Vecna's ribcage.

Vecna originates from the world of Oerth's Greyhawk campaign setting. He started out as a mortal king, who performed the transformation into an undead lich, becoming the ruler of a vast empire. Vecna's initial bid for godhood was thwarted when his lieutenant cut off his hand and slashed out one of his eyes using the magical blade Vecna had forged for him.

Over time, Vecna would rise to godhood, becoming Oerth's God of Secrets, with followers who seek out forbidden knowledge in the service of their dark lord.

D&D's disembodied Eye and Hand of Vecna also took on a life of their own, becoming incredibly powerful magic items that can replace the missing body parts of a player character. That character will gain incredible magical abilities, but their soul will slowly be lost to Vecna. 


Product Size: 12 inches

Materials: Resin

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