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WizKids D&D Forgotten Realms Lolth Spider Queen Figure


WizKids Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Lolth Spider Queen Figure

Join the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms!

The famous Dungeons & Dragons setting comes to the Magic: The Gathering world for the first time!

To celebrate this epic pairing WizKids is releasing a premium pre-painted figure.

Lolth, the Spider Queen, is a drow elf deity that is part of the Dark Seldarine pantheon. WizKids is bringing a fully-painted premium figure of this chaotic evil goddess to retail tabletops everywhere. This figure is about five-inches tall, and towers over any hero willing to stand in her presence.

Gather your party to face down the Dark Queen of the web herself, Lolth, the Spider Queen! 

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