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Beast Kingdom Marvel X-Men Phoenix Mini Egg Attack Figure


Beast Kingdom Marvel X-Men Mini Egg Attack Phoenix SDCC 2019 Exclusive MEA-009

These mini character statues from Beast Kingdom's Mini Egg Attack series feature characters from the Marvel X-Men comics!

Showcasing the extraordinary abilities of each character, these statues feature unique bases that can be arranged to form a unique display scene.

With the debut of Marvel Comics' X-Men in 1963, the world was introduced to one of the most infamous superhero groups that ever existed and the 1992 hit TV series has since become a staple of classic animation!

Jean Grey becomes arguably the most powerful mutant in the series, with near godlike abilities, and now collectors can add her to their Mini Egg Attack collection! The MEA figures show off the essence and abilities of each character as detailed 4" tall figures, with unique bases that are designed to interact with and showcase the character. Jean Grey features dynamic translucent effect parts and her base interlocks with the previously released X-Men Mini Egg Attack Figures!

Don't miss your chance to add this exclusive MEA figure to your collection today! Limited to 3000 Pieces.

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