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Bowen Marvel Thor Destroyer Armor Mini-Bust


Bowen Marvel Thor Destroyer Armor Mini-Bust

In ages past, the Fates had ordained that The Mighty Thor would face jormundgand, the Midgard Serpent, in a fight that would claim the lives of both combatants. What had not been decreed was that, due to a crippling curse cast on him by the Death Goddess Hela, Thor would be terribly disadvantaged when facing his most awesome foe. Despite this evil enchantment, Thor donned a suit of armor to aid in his battle. After being reduced to mere protoplasm, the Destroyer attempted to take Thor's power, ultimately failing, and allowing Thor to become the Destroyer himself until Hela released him from her curse. 

This Bust is a Limited Edition Size of 1000 Pieces Produced Worldwide.

Note: This Item Was Acquired In An Estate Sale Purchase.

We Opened and Inspected It For Quality Control Purposes.

Product Specifications:
License: Marvel

Product Type: Polystone

Product Size: 8.5 Inches Tall

Sculpted By: Gabe Perna and Ulises Cantu

Manufactured by: Bowen Designs

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