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Beast Kingdom Spider-Man vs. Venom Statue


Beast Kingdom Spider-Man Vs. Venom D-Stage DS-040 Previews Exclusive Statue

In Venom's first appearance in the original The Amazing Spider-Man comic series, the alien symbiote falls to earth and is in desperate need of a host to connect with for its survival.

Beast Kingdom is proud to present the latest in the D-Stage range of dream-like dioramas with a classic scene from the comics where Spider-Man is seen in the midst of trying to escape the shackles of the dastardly Venom. Using the loud church bell, which interferes with Venom's powers, the Diorama incorporates a ton of details showing just how strong Venom's grip can be on its host.

From the branded base, to the church, Venom, and Spider-Man underneath, no details are spared in creating the ultimate talking piece for Venom fans alike.


Statue Measures: 5.90 inches (15cm)

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