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Bowen Marvel Mojo Statue

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Bowen Designs

Bowen Designs Marvel Mojo Statue.

Mojo rules over the planet Mojo World in the dimension dubbed the Mojoverse, both so named by himself and his tyrannical ego. He is a member of the race of Spineless Ones, beings whose evolution was stunted by their lack of spines until the scientist Arize created exoskeletons and other mechanical devices that could help them move. (Mojo himself uses various mechanical platforms, some outfitted with hover jets and others with spider-like appendages.) This technological development allowed the Spineless Ones to rapidly advance their civilization until its basic technology surpassed Earth’s own. Unfortunately, the society developed around its obsession with television, due in part from the Spineless One’s low attention span, and its political structure became based on television programs and the resultant media ratings. Mojo rose to power due to his control over the television industry and his popular programming choices, the most notable of which were televised exploits of the X-Men from Earth-616.


Mojo’s great size gives him strength greater than that of a normal Earth human. He can heal himself at an enhanced rate as well as regenerate lost body parts. He also has unspecified magical abilities, such as the ability to fire a blast of magical energy or the ability to alter a target's metabolism, health, and physical condition. Mojo can hypnotize his victims, controlling their minds, memories and actions. He has proven able to draw a sleeper's spirit into his lair. Mojo’s very presence manifests an “anti-life” force, warping his surroundings in ways that threaten life (by creating storms, causing wilting, and so forth). Doctor Strange theorized that his presence on Earth could threaten all life.


Mojo’s platform is outfitted with numerous weapons, such as a particle beam, a tail-like stinger and various bladed attachments. He also has his world’s resources at his disposal, from high-tech surveillance technology to advanced cloning and genetic equipment to portals capable of inter-dimensional travel.


This Statue is a Limited Edition Size of 350 Pieces Produced Worldwide.

Product Specifications:
License: Marvel

Product Type: Polystone Statue

Product Size: 17.5" tall overall (to highest point), (14" at widest point of 'legs')

Sculpted By: The Kucharek Brothers

Manufactured by: Bowen Designs

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