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Bowen Marvel Tomb of Dracula Statue

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Bowen Designs

Bowen Designs Marvel Tomb of Dracula Statue

In the 20th century, Dracula was returned to vampiric life by Clifton Graves. Dracula then first met and clashes with Frank Drake. He soon first encountered an adult Rachel van Helsing. Not long after that, he renewed his enmity with Quincy Harker. He recounted his first clashes with Cagliostro and Solomon Kane. He later battled the Werewolf. He eventually had his first contemporary encounter with his daughter Lilith. Not long after that, he clashed with the N'Garai demons.

Dracula encountered numerous opponents in the 20th century, including Quincy Harker and Rachel van Helsing, the descendants of his enemies described by Stoker, vampire hunter Blade, his only known living descendant Frank Drake, vampiric detective Hannibal King, Mephisto, Doctor Sun, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and others. Just before World War I, he was responsible for transforming Lord John Falsworth into Baron Blood.

Dracula was left for dead after a battle with the X-Men.

Doctor Strange destroyed Dracula and all of Earth's vampires by casting the Montesi Formula, though Dracula eventually returned.

A Bowen Designs Sculpt!

Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan's Tomb of Dracula was one of the Bronze Age's greatest horror comics, and its memorable portrayal of the King of Vampires redefinied vampire comics for a generation! Colan's take on Dracula is immortalized with this stunning 16" statue sculpted by Randy Bowen.


This Statue is a Limited Edition Size of 500 Pieces Produced Worldwide.


Product Specifications:
License: Marvel

Product Type: Polystone Statue

Product Size: 16 Inches Tall

Sculpted By: Randy Bowen

Manufactured by: Bowen Designs

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