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Bowen Marvel X-Men Original Costumes Mini-Bust 5-Pack

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Bowen Designs

Bowen Designs Marvel X-Men Original Costumes Mini-Bust 5-Pack.

The X-Men is an organization of superhumanly powerful mutants that was founded by Professor Charles Xavier for two purposes: first, to train such mutants in the uses of their superhuman powers, and second, to serve as a combat team that could defend humanity against attacks by superhumanly powerful mutants who use their powers for criminal ends, as well as against other threats.

Xavier expected that normal human beings would eventually come to fear and persecute the growing number of superhuman mutants. Xavier learned from news reports of an adolescent mutant who nearly became the victim of mod violence after he publicly displayed his superhuman power. This mutant, was being investigated by Fred Duncan, an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Xavier contacted Duncan and told him of his intention to find young superhuman mutants and train them in the uses of their power for the benefit of humanity. Duncan and Xavier agreed to cooperate with each other. This cooperation between Xavier and the federal government lasted for several years, but Xavier put an end to it when he realized that the government's attitude towards superhuman mutants was beginning to turn hostile. Xavier and his student Katherine Pryde, an expert with computers, have seen to it that government records about the X-Men dating from the years of cooperation with the F.B.I. have been destroyed. Duncan was once reported dead, but this report may be untrue. His current activities, if he is still alive, are unknown.

Using Duncan's files, Xavier deduced that the young mutant Duncan was investigating was Scott Summers. Xavier sought out Summers and enlisted him as the first of his X-Men, Cyclops. Xavier called the team "X-Men" because each one had an "extra" power that normal people lacked.

Over the following months Xavier recruited three more superhuman mutants and began training them in the use of their powers: Robert Drake, who took the name Iceman, Warren Worthington, the Angel, who had already begun a career as a costumed crime fighter, and Henry P. McCoy, a college student who became known as the Beast. Xavier then invited Grey, who had already became quite adept in the use of her powers due to his training, to join the team; she took the code name Marvel Girl.


This Set is a Limited Edition Size of 550 Pieces Produced Worldwide.


Product Specifications:
License: Marvel

Product Type: Polystone Mini-Bust

Product Size: Over 6 Inches Tall (riser shown is not included).

Sculpted By: The Kuchareck Brothers

Manufactured by: Bowen Designs

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