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Pre-Order Kotobukiya Marvel Invisible Woman Fantastic Four Bishoujo Statue


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Kotobukiya Marvel Invisible Woman Fantastic Four Bishoujo Statue

Celebrating BISHOUJO’s 15th Anniversary!!!

The BISHOUJO series is celebrating this special year with the Ultimate BISHOUJO! This large 1:6 scale statue reaches a total height of over 30cm!

The character chosen for this commemorative item was Invisible Woman, a member of the first ever super hero team in Marvel history. For Kotobukiya, Invisible Woman is also a special character that supported the BISHOUJO series in its early days.

The BISHOUJO team took this anniversary year as a chance to look back at the illustration by Shunya Yamashita with fresh eyes, and took on the challenge of bringing this statue back to life with Kotobukiya’s latest skills and techniques. The result was not just a simple reproduction, but the development of a whole new statue!

The statue features her hair flowing in the breeze made with clear material and layered with a beautiful pearlescent paint, creating an airy and transparent tone. Complicated details, such as her irises and the inside of her mouth, have been recreated with a sense of depth and precision that only this large of a scale can bring to life. Her costume features a detailed contrast between the textured and glossy fabrics, with the recreation of even the fine wrinkles being perfectly and naturally captured.Her force field, as well as hands and feet, utilize clear material to make a beautiful gradient that gradually turns transparent at her fingertips.

The BISHOUJO team is proud to present this statue as a commemorative item for fans all over the globe, as a piece that both showcases the history of the series and its future to come. The BISHOUJO series reimagines characters from popular comic books, games, and movies from a Japanese perspective and transforms them into unique “BISHOUJO” style statues. Based on art by illustrator Shunya Yamashita, the series aims to provide figures inspired by Japanese art to fans throughout the world. Since release of the first BISHOUJO statue in 2009, the series has continued for ten years and will continue for many more!

Keep an eye out for more exciting additions to the ever-expanding BISHOUJO world!


Statue Measures: Height: 12.2" (31 cm)

jonji (Sculpt)
Shunya Yamashita (Design)

This Statue is Due Out in the 1st Quarter of 2025.

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