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Weta Lord of the Rings Boromir Son of Denethor Bust


Weta Lord of the Rings Boromir, Son of Denethor Bust

Called to Rivendell by a dream, Boromir joins the Fellowship of the Ring as a representative of Gondor.

With Mordor pressing in upon his people’s borders, Boromir seeks to persuade the Ringbearer to come to Minas Tirith where the weapon of the enemy might be used against Sauron. Yet the great warrior’s pleas fall upon deaf ears, for Gandalf speaks against this course and the hobbit Frodo, bearer of the One Ring, trusts the Wizard’s judgement.

Nevertheless, the Ring comes ever into Boromir’s thoughts, and at Amon Hen, alone with Frodo in the Parth Galen woods, he is overcome and tries to take it by force. Frodo flees and Boromir shakes himself free of the madness that took him, but too late, for the scattered Fellowship is attacked by Uruk-hai. Blowing upon the mighty Horn of Gondor, Boromir fights against overwhelming odds to protect Merry and Pippin. Even pierced with arrows, he staggers on, wildly swinging his sword, though his strength ebbs, a valiant son of Gondor to the end.

Boromir is brilliantly captured in this 1:4 scale bust. He has been hand cast in heavy weight polystone and hand painted to the highest standards. He sits on a classically turned base that includes her name and the sculptor's signature.

Size: Approximately 8 inches tall

Limited Edition


Note: This Item Was Acquired In An Estate Sale Purchase. It comes in it's original packaging.

We Opened and Inspected It For Quality Control Purposes.

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