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Beast Kingdom Star Wars Mandalorian & Grogu Egg Attack Figure

$89.99 $44.99

Beast Kingdom Star Wars Mandalorian & Grogu Egg Attack EAA-122 Figure

The Mandalorian, a new original Disney+ adventure from the world of Star Wars, tells the tales and escapades of the bounty hunter, known only as Mando!

The EAA series of highly articulated, 6-inch action figures by Beast Kingdom is back once again with new Star Wars sets for fans of the Mandalorian! The kitted out bounty hunter is paired with a bevy of accessories fit to take on The Empire and its legions of Storm Troopers and accompanying the Mandalorian is none other than The Child, the pint sized star full of cuteness!

The Mandalorian set, includes real fabric for the clothing, as well as a detailed recreation of the armor and weapons.

  • 6 inches (15.24cm)
  • Made of plastic and cloth
  • The Mandalorian figure
  • The Child in a sachel
  • 3 Pairs of hands
  • Jet Pack
  • Beskar ingot
  • Mythosaur Skull
  • Amban Rifle
  • Blaster

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