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Dark Horse Hellboy Mike Mignola Statue


 Dark Horse Hellboy Statue

Dark Horse has won wide acclaim for its successful series of "Classic Comic" statues, inspired by the "Syroco" statues of the 1940s and sculpted by those fine folks at Yoe! Studio. Nearly 50 different statues have been produced, with many selling out and commanding collector's prices.

This month, we are thrilled to present the first in a companion series , based on comic book characters rather than newspaper strips. We have chosen to concentrate on characters from the last thirty years, but don't be surprised if the occasional Golden Age character turns up. While the series will feature characters from a variety of publishers' books, please forgive us if we lead off with one of the best characters that Dark Horse publishes - Mike Mignola's Hellboy.

Sculpted by Yoe! Studios under Mignola's supervision.

The statue is offered in an extremely limited edition of 750 numbered pieces. Hellboy comes packaged in a special litho-printed full-color tin box. Also included is a vintage-style pinback button, and booklet about the character and his creator, Mike Mignola.

Measures Approximately: 5" tall

Note: This Item Was Acquired From A Private Collector.

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