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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pre-order an item?

When you place a pre-order with Fanboy Collectibles, we will reserve that item for you from our incoming shipment. In some cases our shipments pre-sellout so only customers who preordered an item are able to receive the items because we don't have any extras left to list for normal "in stock" sales.

What are the chances that my pre-order will not be filled?

Fanboy Collectibles makes every attempt to fill every single preorder we receive. However, there may be issues out of our control such as allocation, manufacturer cancellation, etc. that may affect our ability to fill all preorders. Please note that these issues rarely occur and we have a very good record of filling all customer preorders.

I canceled my order, why didn't I get my deposit back?

There are two main reasons:

1). Most manufacturers and distributors now charge Non Refundable Deposits (NRDs) on most orders from retailers. We are charged this amount when we place an order and are bound to complete our orders with our distributors (paying the full price of the item). Excessive cancellations on our end can cause a distributor to close our account with them, which would have a huge negative effect on our business.

2). As we receive item details ahead of the cutoff date required to order a product, we depend on the quantity of our pre-orders to gauge how popular an item will be upon release. The more pre-orders we receive before this date, the more of a particular item we look to order. An excessive amount of pre-order cancellations will cause an overstock on an item. We do understand that sometimes life gets in the way of the occasional payment for an item, but excessive cancellations and/or non-payment for pre-order items could be cause for closure of your account.

When will my pre-order ship?

When your pre-order item arrives, you will be sent a payment link with your order information and the balance due. At that time you can choose whatever payment method you prefer (you are not required to use the same method used to leave your deposit) and choose to have your item shipped by either UPS or USPS (we ship with both daily so your choice will have no effect on when your item ships).

How much will it cost to ship my item?

We currently ship all items with UPS Ground, USPS Priority or Express Mail (which you will choose during checkout). Shipping rates for any in stock item will be available when you start the checkout process. Before entering payment information you will be given the shipping options available to your location and the cost associated with them.

If it's a pre-order item, we would not be able to quote an exact shipping cost as we don't know the actual weight and box dimensions until the item is in hand. This can also make it difficult to give an accurate estimate as a number of manufacturers will provide the box dimension and weight details, but unfortunately most of these turn out to be woefully inaccurate compared to when the item is received in stock. For pre-orders we find the best estimate is to use a similar item that's currently In Stock to find a comparable shipping cost.

I have multiple items on pre-order that aren't expected to arrive at the same time. Can I have these items held and shipped together to save on the shipping costs?

If you would like us to hold a pre-order item when it arrives in stock you will still be required to pay for that item when it arrives in stock. We will then combine the shipping cost with the next pre-order item when it arrives and ship the items together to save you on multiple shipping costs.

Can I get a discount on the shipping cost?

Fanboy Collectibles cannot and does not control the shipping prices. These prices are set in stone by the shipping service. Shipping costs are automatically generated from these companies based on the weight and box dimensions of your order, ship-to location and shipping method.

We will make every attempt to combine your order into the least amount of boxes for that shipment.

Is my payment information secure?

We do not store or even receive your credit card information. When you use your credit card to purchase from us, your encrypted information goes to our credit card processor and they approve (or decline) the sale. The processor then sends us the type of card you used, the amount spent, item purchased, billing & shipping address, etc. At no point do we receive your credit card information, so for your protection it cannot be stolen or hacked from our server.

When using PayPal we receive only your order information and the shipping address.

Do you charge sales tax?

Connecticut residents will be charged 6.35% sales tax.

Can I pick my order up my order instead of having it shipped?

If you live in the Connecticut area and would like to stop in our retail location, please do so. If you would like to pay for your order prior to picking up, you can choose the Customer Pickup option as the shipping method during checkout. Otherwise we can complete your payment in person when you arrive to our store. We are located at 64 Barnabas Road, Newtown, CT 06470. Our phone number is (203) 304-9180.

Can I place orders by phone?

We do not take orders by phone. Our credit card processor requires that all credit cards at our retail location need to be swiped and any other order must go through our processor's Fraud Detection Suite. Unfortunately there are a number of unsavory elements in the world and we need to do what we can to protect both ourselves and customers from being taken advantage by them.

I have a question, what is your E-mail address or phone number?

Feel free to email us with any questions or comments at any time; we'll get back to you promptly Monday through Friday during business hours. Please send all e-mails to:

Our phone number is: (203) 304-9810. If we are unable to answer the phone when calling during normal business hours, please leave us a voicemail and we will call you back as quickly as possible. Please say your contact information slowly as it's not always easy to write it down when you say it too quick. It also helps if you give us a brief reason for the call as we can usually have details ready when we call you back.

Can I request a specific edition number?

We do not take requests for a certain edition number. Due the volume of products that we ship out daily and the number of walk-in customers that will choose items directly from our warehouse it's not possible for us to be able to guarantee specific numbers for any particular item. However, when filling an online order our staff will always pull the lowest edition number in stock for that order.

Does Fanboy Collectibles ship internationally?

Yes! Fanboy Collectibles ships directly to several international countries. All international customers must have a "verified billing address" for us to process your order.

Fanboy Collectibles does not accept payments originating in one country and shipping to a different country.

For International customers, the billing address and shipping address must match for an order to be accepted. This protects both us and our customers against credit card fraud.

Can International shipments be marked as gifts for customs purposes?

No. Custom forms are filled out with exact purchase information and we do not falsify prices or mark as a gift. International customers need to consider there may be additional taxes, duties or other fees required upon receipt of shipment. Please check with your local post office for fees.

Will International shipments be declared at full value for customs?

Yes. We are required to declare the full value of the products purchased on all customs paperwork. We cannot fully insure an item for shipping and then list that item at a lower value than the insured value.

Fanboy Collectibles is not responsible for any customs fees, taxes, tariffs, or other fees your local government may charge you for ordering items from the United States (these items are generally made in China, Japan, or Taiwan). Please check with your local government for tax rules in your country.

Does the shipping & handling cost cover all taxes and customs fees?

No. International shipments may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance are your responsibility; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information. Contacting customs offices is your responsibility if necessary; it is not the responsibility of Fanboy Collectibles. If these customs charges are refused by the customer the package will be declared abandoned. Please be aware that since all customs fees are the responsibility of the customer any abandoned packages are not eligible for any refunds of the item or shipment costs. Additionally, when ordering from Fanboy Collectibles, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes. Fanboy Collectibles ships via United Parcel Service (UPS) and the United States Postal Service (USPS). All shipments are fully insured and are provided a tracking number. The tracking number and paid invoice will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you provide during checkout.

Please note that it may take up to 12 hours for your package to become visible within the various carriers' tracking system after leaving our warehouse.



If you cannot locate your package within the appropriate carrier's tracking system within 24 hours of shipment, please feel free to contact us.

What is the Fanboy Collectibles return policy?

Defective items: If you receive an item that has a manufacturer's defect we are happy to ship a replacement. Please contact us upon receiving your order. Fanboy Collectibles will cover all shipping fees to and from our warehouse on defective items.

Defective items may only be exchanged for the same item. If your order contains an item that is damaged, we will do our best to get a replacement item for you. If a replacement is not available, a refund will be issued as store credit or back to the original payment method (which would be the customer's choice).

Fanboy Collectibles is not responsible for damage during shipping and all damaged items will require an insurance claim. These claims are filed with UPS or USPS and can take up to sixty days, so please be patient.

Broken opened items: Once an item has been opened, the responsibility for warranty lies with the manufacturer. Fanboy Collectibles will not be held liable for broken toys/collectibles/apparel that have been displayed and/or "played with." We will try to help where we can, but our options may be limited.

Restocking Fee: Items that are returned for any other reasons than arriving damaged are subject to a 25% restocking fee. The balance paid for the item will be refunded back to the form of payment used to palce the order.

Are all of your items brand new?

All of our items are brand new unless otherwise stated. All items come in original manufacturers packaging unless otherwise stated. Original boxes may come with dings, dents, etc. We will not ship an item with severe package damage. However, if you are concerned with the condition of the packaging for any item we are selling, please contact us prior to purchasing to find out the exact condition of the packaging. We do not and cannot guarantee C10 mint packaging for the items we sell.

Where do you get all of your products?

We purchase items from a number of resources. We order directly from the manufacturer, distributor and retailer of the majority of the items we carry. We will also purchase collections from private collectors, estate sales and auctions (all of these items are opened and inspected before being put up for sale). Any item purchased from private collectors, estate sales and auctions will be listed as such in the product's descrption.

An item says In Stock on your website. Is it really In Stock?

Fanboy Collectibles has a "live" inventory. That means that if you see an item on our website, it is physically in stock at the time you saw it. In most cases, we do not display items that are out of stock. In some circumstances, we do display an item that is out of stock and it will explicitly say "Out of Stock".

As items are purchased from our retail location, they are reduced/removed from our website inventory.

If you place an order for an item and complete the order process, sometimes when you go back to look at the item you ordered, you will not be able to find it. In this case it means that you have purchased the last item of that kind that we currently have in stock.

General questions regarding product pictures, descriptions, prices and release dates:

Product pictures and descriptions are provided to us by the manufacturers prior to a products release based on the manufacturer's initial prototypes. As such, the final product may vary from the original product pictures and description shown on our website. We do not guarantee that our pictures and descriptions will exactly match the final product that you receive, but instead they should be considered as an approximate representation of the product that we are selling.

At times we may receive incorrect pricing and/or the item's price may contain a typographical error. We reserve the right not to honor prices on our site due to incorrect information provided to us by the manufacturer and/or distributor or those are due to data-entry errors. If a price seems "too good to be true", please verify the price with us.

Release Dates are provided to us by the manufacturer months in advance of the products estimated release. As such, release dates shown on our website are not a guarantee of the date that the product will be released, but should be considered an estimate. Many factors; including manufacturing delays, importing delays and licensing approval many add months onto the originally communicated estimated release date. We will try our best to update our site with the most current information available to us. Placing an order for a pre-order item on our website indicates that you understand and agree to the fact that product estimated release date delays may occur and that these delays are not grounds for order cancellation.

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